Introduction To 3D Game Programming With Directx 9.0

Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0
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game engine, ready to make 3D or 2D games that may be sold commercially or otherwise C# Game C++ Advanced 3D Game Programming with. Introduction To 3D Game Programming With Directx (Wordware Game and Graphics Library) [Frank Luna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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The global function Direct3DCreate9 is used to get that object.

Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c: A Shader Approach

This is needed to ensure that the compiled version of Direct3D DLL matches with the version of the header files your programing is compiling against. If there is a version mis-match, this function will return NULL. Using the Direct3D interface object we can query the capabilities of our graphics adapters that we have in our system.

We use the IDirect3DGetDeviceCaps method to query the capabilities of the device so we can setup the device functionality with the best compatibility for our needs.

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The only capability we are interested in is whether the default graphics adapter supports hardware vertex processing or only software vertex processing. Hardware vertex processing has a performance advantage over the software vertex processor so obviously we will want to use hardware vertex processing if it is available. If the bit is set, we can use the hardware vertex transformation and lighting functionality of the rendering piepline.

In order to create the Direct3D device, we need to specify the presentation prarameters of the device. Now that we have defined our presentation parameters, we are ready to create the Direct3DDevice object. Passing as arguments, the display adapter ID for which to create the device for, the type of the device, a handle to our main window, a boolean which indicates the vertex processing mode, the device presentation parameters, and the out parameter that is used to hold the reference to our newly created device.

The Setup method is used to initialize the buffers that will store the geometry information in the graphics memory. After checking our preconditions, we can allocate the buffers that will be used to store our geometry data on the GPU memory for efficient rendering. Before we can populate the buffers with our geometry data, we must acquire the buffer memory.

We first lock the entire buffer, then copy the data from our local vertex buffer, or index buffer and unlock the buffer with the Unlock method which will release control of the buffer memory back to the graphics device. The second half of the Setup method is used to initialize the camera and projection matrices.

We use the helper functions provided by the d3dx9 library to simplify this operation.

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The Cleanup method is used to release all the system resources that our program has allocated. This includes any COM objects that we may have references to, or any dynamic allocated memory used by our application. This method is pretty straight forward, it simply releases the references to the COM object in the reverse order that they were allocated. The only thing this demo application does is update our rotation parameters that are used to orientate our cube. The Render method is used to actually draw the content. Finally, the method you have all been waiting for!

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You might be a little dissapointed when you see how short this method is :roll:. The first thing this method does after checking the preconditions, is setup the rotation matrix for our object. For this, we will use the rotation helper functions provided by the d3dx library to build our per-axis rotations. Then we set the world transform matrix that will be used to position and orient our object in the world using the IDirect3DDeviceSetTransform method.

Multiple non-nested calls the these methods are allowed but doing this may incur a performance hit. In this article, you learned how to setup a windows application, create and initialize a Direct3DDevice object and render a simple primitive to the screen. This is hardly an exhaustive tutorial on how to creating the next-gen, blockbuster 3D graphics engine but hopefully it is a good place to start learning how to make that next-gen, triple-A, blockbuster, 3D graphics rendering engine.

by Luna, Frank D

Please leave a comment to let me know if you were able to gain any knowledge from this article, or if you see any corrections that need to be made. Of if there is anything that you thing I should add to this article. Frank D. Luna Wordware Publishing, Inc. Download the Source You can download the source code including Visual Studio project files :. Although this is a very old and outdated article, you are the first one to point this out. For clarity, you are referring to the parameters that are sent to the CreateWindowEx method on line I have resolved this now.

Thank you for pointing it out!

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