Biochemistry of Foods

Biochemistry of Foods
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On completing this unit, you will be able to describe the bio chemical properties of food constituents and demonstrate an understanding of the functionality of these constituents in food processing and nutrition.

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Available for study abroad and exchange: Yes. Regulatory science deals more with ensuring that ingredients used to make the product and the finished product meet government regulations and consumer expectations.

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Without an understanding of what the product is, and how it was made, it would be challenging to ensure the food meets the government regulations nor address consumer concerns about the product. Hence that chemistry based background is very helpful. Aside from the technical know how I gained with my biochemistry background, there is a certain rigor in training that is gained through the Biochemistry Program.

Abena Opoku ’10, Food Scientist

This bestselling reference bridges the gap between the introductory and highly specialized books dealing with aspects of food biochemistry for undergraduate. 2 - Biochemical Changes in Raw Foods: Fruits and Vegetables. Pages 5 - Biochemistry of Food Processing: Browning Reactions in Foods. Pages

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