Abstract differential equations

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Cold Spring Lane. JUAN J.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Guide to the Diagnosis of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Vol 1.
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  3. The Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation;
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  5. Introduction to Quasicrystals.

Facultad de Matematicas. University of Ioannina. Department of Applied Mathematics.

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School of Sciences. Donghua University. Veli Shakhmurov.

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Okan University. Engineering Faculty. Areas: Regularity properties of PDE considered in function spaces e.

anvotubra.cf Sobolev and Besov spaces ; Boundary and initial value problems for abstract elliptic, hiperbolic, parabolic type equations; Operator-differential equationos in Banach space valued class; Spectral properties of differential operators; Embedding of abstract function spaces; Abstract convolution equations; Absract hamonic analysis, Fourier multiplers in function spaces; Carleman estimates and unique contination for PDE; Regularity properties of Stokes and Novier Stokes equations; and Free boundary value problems. Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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Mississippi State University. Dipartimento di Informatica. Universita di Verona.

Bernoulli Differential Equations: Solution Methods and Exercises

Vejvoda: Periodic solutions of a linear and weakly nonlinear wave equation in one dimension. Vejvoda: The mixed problem and periodic solutions for a linear and weakly nonlinear wave equation in one dimension.

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In mathematics, an abstract differential equation is a differential equation in which the unknown function and its derivatives take values in some generic abstract. On implicit abstract neutral nonlinear differential equations The theory of " reducing abstraction" maps the abstract nature of mathematics to the nature.

Vejvoda: Periodic solutions to partial differential equations, especially to a biharmonic wave equations. Vejvoda: A linear and weakly nonlinear equation of a beam: the boundary value problem for free extremities and its periodic solutions. Plesner V.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. Support type:. These methods are highly relevant for practical scientific computing since the equations under consideration can be seen as the meta-models of systems of ordinary differential equations ODE as well as of partial differential equations PDEs describing various applied problems. Your e-mail:. Forgot password? X Short URL. Shakhmurov, Veli B.

Rochlin: Spectral theory of linear operators. Uspechi mat.

Favini , Obrecht : Conditions for parabolicity of second order abstract differential equations

Yosida: Functional Analysis. New York Bourbaki: Integrating, measures, integrating of measures. Moscow , Russian. Diagana and A. Citation: Advances in Difference Equations Content type: Research Article.

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The initial boundary value problem for a class of hyperbolic equations with strong dissipative term in a bounded domain is studied. Authors: Yaojun Ye. We consider coupled boundary value problems for second-order symmetric equations on time scales. Existence of eigenvalues of this boundary value problem is proved, numbers of their eigenvalues are calculated, Authors: Chao Zhang and Shurong Sun.

We prove that every positive solution of the max-type difference equation ,.

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The structure of eigenvalues of , , and This work presents sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a discrete fourth-order beam equation under Lidstone boundary conditions with a parameter; the iterative sequ We investigate the following nonlinear equations with -Laplacian-like operators A new and general existence and uniqueness theorem of almost automorphic solutions is obtained for the semilinear fractional differential equation.

We establish some new oscillation criteria for the second-order quasilinear neutral delay dynamic equations on a time scale.

  • A Course of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists. Volume 6: Advanced Theoretical Mechanics.
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The existence of asymptotically almost periodic mild solutions for a class of abstract partial neutral integro-differential equations with unbounded delay is studied. Guzzo and Marcos N. Upon some s